Release those who raised ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans or we will take to the streets : Ziauddin Siddiqui’s threat

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) – After the Police arrested 41 members of the PFI in connection with the slogan-raising of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in Pune, leaders of the ‘Muslim Numainda Council’ went berserk. “Release the detained members of PFI in Pune or we will protest on the streets in a democratic way’, warned Ziauddin Siddiqui (Former President of the ‘Muslim Numainda Council’) in a press conference here on 25th September. (It should not come as a surprise if someone demands that Siddiqui, who stands for the anti-Nationals and makes such threats, be arrested ! – Editor)

Siddiqui said :

1. Members of the PFI helped people of different castes and religions in Sambhajinagar without bothering about their lives during Covid period. (Is Siddiqui saying that this is a license to carry out terrorist activities ? – Editor)

2. Members of the PFI cremated the Covid victims. They have been arrested just because they are fighting against the Government. They should be cleared of these false charges and released. This oppression will not be tolerated. Do not take advantage of our silence. (Ziauddin Siddiqui should issue such a threat in Pakistan. Since there is a judicial system in our country, the Courts will decide whether to release the PFI members or send them to jail ! – Editor)

3. SIMI has been banned in India. The Courts have not yet convicted those arrested. (This is the result of delay in trials in our country ! – Editor)

4. Preacher Zakir Naik has also been banned in India. Till the judiciary finds him guilty, he is innocent for us. (Since the anti-Hindu preacher Zakir Naik has fled, how will the cases against him proceed ? Supporters of Zakir Naik are dangerous for the country. Hindus need to be alert and unite since the number of such anti-National people is increasing in our country ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Those who make such statements must be rigorously punished !
  • People openly hail the enemy country – this is the result of Muslim appeasement !
  • Hindus need to be alert and unite since the number of anti-National people is increasing in our country !