Ban the RSS too : Opposition parties including Congress demand

New Delhi  – After banning the ‘Popular Front of India’, opposition parties have started demanding a ban on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as well.

1. Ramesh Chennithala, a senior Congress leader in Kerala and a former home minister of the State, said that the communalism and bigotry practised by the majority as well as the minority in Kerala should be equally opposed. Like the PFI, the RSS has also tried to incite religious hatred. Congress is the only party, that has opposed the casteism and communalism spread by both of these communities.

2. The Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala has welcomed the action on the PFI, but they asked the RSS be banned. The leader of this organisation M.K. Munir said that the PFI has deliberately tried to mislead the youth. They tried to create factions in society and spread hatred. All Islamic organisations condemn terrorist ideas. Organisations like the PFI have even incited small children to shout provocative slogans.

Editorial Viewpoint

First, the opposition party must clarify what the RSS has done to merit a ban. After M Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 Congress killed many Brahmins across the country. Then again in 1984 after Indira Gandhi was assassinated, 3,500 Sikhs were killed in Delhi alone and Rajiv Gandhi indirectly supported it. Hence why shouldn’t Congress be banned ?