Tamil Hindus protest against Tamil activists arrests in Sri Lanka

Case of illegal construction of Buddha Vihar on the land of ancient Hindu temple

Jaffna (Sri Lanka) – Sri Lankan Government arrested 2 main Tamil activists for protesting against the illegal construction of Buddha Vihar on the land of an ancient Hindu temple here. Tamilian Hindus protested against these arrests in Mullaitivu and Jaffna. T Ravikiran former member of the Parishad of Northern Province and social worker R Mayuran were arrested by Police for violating the law. Local Hindus had started protesting against the construction of Buddha Vihar in Kurunthamalai here.

The court in Sri Lanka had forbidden new construction of Buddha Vihar, but disregarding that order Officers of Sri Lanka have continued the illegal construction of the Buddha Vihar on the land of the ancient Hindu temple on Kurunthamali Hill. Students at University of Jaffna organised a rally in support of T Ravikiran and R mayuran and have demanded to stop the encroachment of Buddha Vihar.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindu temples are insecure in Sri Lanka.