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Are Church-controlled homes meant to provide shelter or to oppress ? 

Inspect and investigate shelter homes controlled by the Churches ! : Mr Anil Dhir (of ‘Bharat Raksha Manch’)

“There are instances of sexual abuse of children, exploitation of women, etc. in Churches. When such incidents take place in cities, only a few come to light. The ones we get to know of are the tip of the iceberg; however, when such incidents take place in tribal areas and villages, no one comes to know. Looking at the number of such incidents, it is time the State Governments inspect and investigate such shelter homes controlled by the Churches”, said Mr Anil Dhir (National General Secretary of ‘Bharat Raksha Manch’), while speaking on – ‘Are Church controlled homes meant for providing shelter or meant for oppression ?’

Mr Anil Dhir

Mr Anil Dhir added that whenever there are such atrocities in the Churches, the media remains silent; however, when Hindu Sages and Saints are accused, the news gets prominence. These are the double standards of the media. The Churches in India are funded from abroad on a large scale. The Government has no control over this aspect either.

Ms Esther Dhanraj

Ms Esther Dhanraj (A scholar of Christian Studies in Telangana) said, “Christian organisations are becoming abuse centres for women and children. This is nothing new; in fact, such abuses in the premises of Churches since 1890 have come to light all over the world. The Church priests responsible for the atrocities were never punished by the Church management; instead, they were protected. There are cases of misappropriation of Church funds in India as well as abroad. However, no one speaks of these financial scams. In the name of preventing financial scams, various Governments are keeping Hindu temples under their control”.

Ms Pratiksha Korgaokar

Ms Pratiksha Korgaokar (of the ‘Ranaragini’ Wing of HJS) said the physical abuse of girls in the hostel of Bethel Gospel Charitable Trust, within the Church premises in Navi Mumbai came to light recently. The Union Government should appoint a Committee to conduct an inquiry into not only the shelter home of this Church, but of all the Church-controlled shelter homes in India. On behalf of ‘Ranaragini’ Ms Pratiksha demanded that State Governments withdraw the permissions of all shelter homes where malpractices are going on.

Are madarasas becoming epicentres of terrorism ?

Immediately stop financial support being given to madarasas ! : Advocate Moti Singh Rajpurohit (practising in the Rajasthan High Court)

Advocate Moti Singh Rajpurohit

“Those who brutally killed Kanhaiya Lal in Rajasthan and Umesh Kolhe in Amaravati were trained in madarasas. If a Central agency investigates the background of all prisoners in India, it will certainly reveal that – most of the Muslim prisoners have been madarasa students. Therefore, there will be no doubt that terrorists get trained in madarasas. Moreover, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that madarasas are not schools that provide primary or secondary education, but centres that impart religious education and cover Islamic traditions in their curriculum. Hence, the Centre and State Governments should immediately stop giving financial support to madarasas since they do not provide formal education as per the SC judgement. They should prohibit Muslim clerics from opening new madarasas and enrolling students. The Centre should also implement a common education policy across the country and ensure that respective institutions abide by it. This will help reduce religious fanaticism in the Country”, said scholar Advocate Moti Singh Rajpurohit (practising in the Rajasthan High Court). He was speaking on – ‘Are madarasas becoming epicentres of terrorism ?’

Mr Deepak Sharma (Noted journalist and social activist of New Delhi) said, “Religious fanatics held a journalist from a national TV channel and beat him up as he surveyed madarasas in Seelampur (a Muslim-majority area) in New Delhi. He was lucky that the religious fanatics did not kill him like they killed Kanhaiya Lal. Seelampur witnessed a deadly riot in 2020. Police arrested Tahir Hussain, AAP Councillor, as the key conspirator in this case. During the investigation, Police realised that Tahir Hussain shared a close association with 30 madarasas in the Seelampur area. Madarasas calculatedly radicalise Muslim students and cut them off from the outside world”.

Mr Abhay Vartak

Mr Abhay Vartak (Dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha) said, “The report prepared by the 9/11 Commission highlighted the role of madarasas in the deadly attacks on the US. The Assam Government demolished some madarasas after their links with Al-Qaeda, a deadly terrorist outfit, came to light. Soon after this, the Chief Minister of Assam proactively converted all madarasas across the State into formal educational institutions. The patriots of this country expect all State Governments to follow suit. A recent news report revealed that Muslim clerics run more than 40,000 unauthorised madarasas in Uttar Pradesh alone. If this is the case, one can imagine the number of such madarasas across the country. The Uttar Pradesh Government unearthed a scam involving Rs 100 crore after it digitized all madarasas. Hence, the Centre should conduct a detailed survey of all madarasas across the country”.

What is Congress trying to achieve by touring with people who insult Bharat Mata ? : Mr Narendra Surve (of HJS)

The Congress, which was responsible for the Partition of India 75 years ago, is on a ‘Bharat Jodo’ tour. Kanhaiya Kumar who said ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ is participating too. Rahul Gandhi met George Ponniah, the Pastor who believes Bharat Mata is unholy and questions the existence of Hindu Deities, is participating too. This creates doubts about Rahul’s true intentions of such a tour. What is Congress trying to acheive by touring with people who insult Bharat Mata”, asked Mr Narendra Surve (HJS Spokesperson) while speaking on – ‘Christian Priests like George Ponniah participating in ‘Bharat Todo’ tour’.

Gayatri N (Founder of ‘Bharat Voice’) said, “Ponniah had recently insulted Bharat Mata. We can judge his mentality about a land we regard as our Mother. Christians are striving hard to foist Jesus and Christianity on others. Students in South India are being openly forced to accept Christianity. All this must stop”.

A recent report revealed that Muslim clerics run more than 40,000 unauthorised madarasas in Uttar Pradesh alone !