Drought impacts agricultural output in the US; signs of food shortage in Europe too !

A report by researchers at the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

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New Delhi – According to a report released by Akshit Sangomala, a researcher at the Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi, the drought conditions are severe in the states of California, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the drought will have an adverse effect on US agriculture and livestock. Loss of grass pastures due to droughts and heat waves can reduce livestock production. The food processing and agricultural services sectors may be adversely affected leading to a rise in the regional and national food prices. Lake Mead, the reservoir that supplies water to 25 million people here, has reached its bottom. The World Economic Forum and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have given this information.

Extreme cold and extreme heat in Europe are causing local as well as global climate change. Many rivers, including major rivers in Europe, have dried up. This has had a major impact on drinking and agricultural water, as well as on the hydropower sector. The emergence of food shortages across Europe in the coming years will have a major impact on other products as well. The European Commission has published a report in this regard. Rising global food prices are likely to lead to food shortages in 2022-23, with 22 million people on the African continent fearing to face starvation. In China, the rice and maize crops on the banks of the river have come into trouble. Hydropower plants on the river have been closed. Many provinces are facing drought. Lights in major cities, including Shanghai, are turned off at night. Multinational companies have shut down projects due to a lack of electricity.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is necessary to understand the drought in the US, Europe, and China as a warning of an impending adverse time and thereby increase the efforts to perform spiritual practice (Sadhana) !