Pregnant Indian woman dies due to lack of timely treatment in Portugal

Health Minister steps down !

Health Minister of Portugal Marta Temido

Lisbon (Portugal) – Health Minister of Portugal Marta Temido had to resign after the death of a pregnant Indian woman.  A 34-year-old Indian woman was taken to another hospital since no bed was available at the first hospital, but she suffered cardiac arrest and died on the way. There is a shortage of doctors in the hospitals and emergency services have also been closed down; therefore, pregnant women are not getting proper medical service and the Health Minister is being criticised for the last few days. This, however, led to the Health Minister’s resignation.

The pregnant Indian woman was visiting Portugal as a tourist. She went to the biggest hospital in Portugal for delivery, but no bed was available; therefore, she was asked to go to another hospital. Her baby was, however, delivered following an emergency caesarean section.