A man tries to commit suicide due to religious fanatics brainwashing his wife and children to adopt Islam

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – In Banaskantha District of Gujarat, a man tried to commit suicide out of depression as his wife and children, who were lured by religious fanatics, adopted Islam. The aggrieved husband, Solanki, has stated in his complaint lodged with the Police that his wife and children were brainwashed by Shaikh family, and they forced them to adopt Islam. Police have registered a case against Sohail Sheikh and other 4 persons.

As per the details, Solanki’s college-going daughter came in contact with Ejaz Sheikh. The girl’s family objected to her friendship with him when she insisted on living with him. Later, her mother and brother also supported her. The three of them even started offering namaz at home.

Some of the family members of Solanki’s joint family raised an objection to it, therefore, his wife and children left the house and started staying separately with the help of the Sheikh family. They are, however, not traceable now.

Solanki tried to talk to the Sheikh family and search for his wife and children when they demanded Rs 25 lakh to meet them. The depressed Solanki then tried to end his life by consuming poison. He is presently admitted to a private hospital at Palanpur and his condition is serious, informed the Police.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The Government should take stringent steps to punish religious fanatics to save Hindu families from separating due to conversion !
  • Lack of education on Dharma amongst Hindus leads to their falling prey to religious fanatics misleading them in different ways; it is, therefore, necessary to impart education on Dharma to Hindus.

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