Pakistan contemplating on resuming trade with India

Result of floods and inflation

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Crops have been destroyed due to floods in Pakistan. Inflation there is also acute. Hence Pakistan is thinking of importing vegetables and other edible items from India, informed Pakistan’s Finance Minister. He also said that for the past many days Pakistan was trying to restart its business transactions with India.

Before this, the Secretary of Lahore Market Committee Shahzad …. had said that they could import onions and tomatoes from India. Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee had taken a decision in March 2021 of giving permission to import from India sugar and cotton from the Attari border; but due to opposition from the political parties there, the decision was canceled in a few days.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Pakistan remembers India when encircled by problems; why no thought comes into its mind of stopping jihadi terrorism ?
  • Please note that a serpent would always spit venom no matter how much milk is fed to it.

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