Terrorism in the country in the name of Shriram : Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) – ‘Terrorism is being spread in the country and people are being killed in the name of Shriram. The Central Government’s strategy is to bring a Hindu State and all their movements are run from Delhi and Nagpur’, Mohandas Gandhi’s great-grandson Tushar Gandhi said while criticising the Central Government. He was speaking at a press conference in Kolhapur. (Devout Hindus are being selectively killed by jihadis in the country. Processions of Hindus are being stoned and attacked by religious fanatics. No action is taken anywhere on the loudspeakers making noise five times a day. People like Tushar Gandhi always remain silent in such matters and raise the cry that ‘Terrorism is being spread in the name of Shriram’. Ram Rajya was an ideal rule not only in India but in the world. Therefore, Tushar Gandhi displayed his ideological bankruptcy by linking Shriram with terrorism. – Editor)

On this occasion, Tushar Gandhi said,

1. Unrest has spread in the country and there is a need to relaunch the struggle for the liberation of the common people like the one in the year 1942.

2. Since there is only one Government in the country, there is distortion, and the country is moving towards dictatorship. It has to stop somewhere. (Had there been a dictatorship in India, would Tushar Gandhi have been able to made such a statement ? Such people should be sent to Pakistan or the Islamic countries ! – Editor)

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