Salary of Kashmiri Hindu employees protesting for relocation stopped

No response from the Government to the 90 days of agitation in Jammu

Jammu – It is 3 months since the protest by Kashmiri Hindus who got jobs under the PM package. After jihadis killed many Kashmiri Hindus in April and May, more than 5,000 Hindu workers have been protesting in Jammu to demand their relocation to safer places. 5,000 displaced Kashmiri Hindus got jobs in the Kashmir valley under the PM package. Most of the employees are from finance, education, health, rural development and planning departments.

1. Some employees have been transferred to other places in Kashmir. As they have not joined at that location, their salary has stopped.

2. After the Government employee Rahul Bhat was killed on 13th May, most of the Hindu workers left the Kashmir Valley and came to Jammu.

3. Hindu workers are protesting outside the Jammu Rehabilitation Commission. Yogesh Pandit, a protesting employee on 10th August said, the successive killing of Hindus shows that Kashmiri Hindus are not safe. 80% of Hindu workers in the valley live in rented houses. Landlords are demanding rent, but we have not got our salary for two months.

Kashmiri Hindus have become the new outcast in democracy – Dr Agnisekhar

The leader of the protesting employees Dr Agnisekhar said that the PM Package has become a package of punishment for us. We have become the new outcast in democracy. As our lives are in danger, we have been protesting for 90 days, but no one is listening to us.

Editorial Viewpoint

If the Government destroys jihadi terrorism in Kashmir and creates a stress-free and safe environment for Hindus, Hindus will not have to protest like this. The Government should take steps towards it.

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