The Indian doctor who treated wounded Chinese soldiers abducted and killed by China

  • A case of India’s Galwan Valley clash with Chinese soldiers in 2020
  • A shocking revelation in the upcoming book
(Left side) Dr. Deepak Singh and (right side) his wife Rekha Singh receiving his ‘Veer Chakra’ award

New Delhi – Indian soldiers demonstrated bravery and killed many Chinese soldiers during the clash between the Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley in the year 2020. Doctor Deepak Singh, an Indian Army medic who treated injured Indian soldiers at the time, also treated Chinese soldiers and saved their lives. According to the book India’s Most Fearless 3: New Military Stories of Unimaginable Courage and Sacrifice, he was abducted and killed by the Chinese army. This book is written by Journalists Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh and will be published on the 75th Independence Day on 15th August.

Summary of some important parts of the book

1. On the night of 15th June 2020, twenty soldiers along with a Colonel of India gave the supreme sacrifice in the clash between the two armies. There were only four deaths reported by China. China’s falsehood, however, has been exposed by quoting many factual incidents from the book.

2. China had abandoned its wounded soldiers to the winds in the Galwan Valley. After treating more than 30 wounded Indian soldiers and saving their lives, Dr Deepak Singh also treated the wounded Chinese soldiers.

3. Afterward, the Chinese army abducted and asked Dr Deepak Singh to treat wounded Chinese soldiers, then killed him.

4. On 26th January 2021, Dr Singh was posthumously awarded the second highest gallantry award Vir Chakra.

5. His wife Rekha Singh has joined the Indian Army and undergoing military training. She will be posted as a Lieutenant next year.

Editorial viewpoint

Betrayal and backstabbing by China expose its attitude of brutality and ungratefulness. It is now India’s responsibility to expose China on all platforms.

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