Hindus will speak the same language if targeted : Nitesh Rane, BJP Leader

Press Conference at Mumbai

 Nitesh Rane, BJP Leader

Mumbai – India is not under Sharia law, hence if Hindus get targeted continually then retaliation will be in the same language, warned BJP leader, Nitesh Rane. The Hindus are threatened all over the country after Umesh Kolhe’s killing in Amravati.

Rane said further,

1. Maharashtra is no longer ruled by the Mahavikas-Aghadi Government. Also, Nawab Malik is no longer a Minister of Minority Communities.
2. Umesh Kolhe was murdered in Amravati for supporting Nupur Sharma. BJP does not support Nupur Sharma’s statement.
3. A similar incident happened in Karjat (Nagar), where a youth was threatened by a group. The victim is still fighting death. He was assured of every help from BJP’s side.

4. Whenever Hindu Deities are insulted, Hindus protest peacefully. We never hear of a single killing instance in such matters. However, if Muslims continue to choose violent means of protest then Hindus will be forced to use the same language. Hence, do not attempt to harm our Hindus any further.

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