India to supply 18 ‘Tejas’ fighter jets to Malaysia !

New Delhi – Last year in the month of October, Royal Malaysian Air Force had given a proposal to Hindustan Aeronautics, a Government company manufacturing aeroplanes, for the purchase of 18 ‘Tejas’ two-seater fighter planes. Accordingly, India is going to supply them with these planes, informed the Defence Ministry in the Parliament. These are the special lightweight Indian-made planes. The Defence Ministry also informed that besides the US, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines were the other countries that had shown interest in buying the single-engine ‘Tejas’ fighter planes (jet) from India.

Indian Government has given a contract of US $6 billion for manufacturing 83 ‘Tejas’ planes to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. last year. Its supply will start in 2023.

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