More than 3000 cows die of ‘lumpy’ !

Shocking incidents in Rajasthan and Gujarat

Jaipur / Ahmedabad – More than 3,000 cows have died of ‘lumpy’, a contagious skin disease in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The disease has spread to nearly 27 districts. More than 2,100 cows died only in Rajasthan. The disease results in skin infection in animals. There is no remedy or vaccine available for this disease, therefore, farmers are worried.

The Government officers from Rajasthan have stated that the contagious disease ‘lumpy’ has come to India through Pakistan. Gujarat State Government has increased surveys, treatment for this disease, and vaccination to arrest the spread and has imposed a ban on organising animal gatherings. 5,74,000 animals have been vaccinated so far as a preventive measure. Rajkot district administration has imposed a ban on the transportation of cattle till the 21st of August 2022 and even on discarding dead animals in the open.

Editorial viewpoint

The number of cows in India is already going down day by day and in addition, thousands of cows are dying due to infectious disease is very unfortunate ! The Central Government should take this matter seriously and take immediate steps to protect cows !

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