Twenty eight people died of poisonous liquor in ‘dry’ Gujarat

Thirty are in serious condition

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Botad (Gujarat) – 28 persons have died in Rojid village in the District due to consuming poisonous alcohol, while 30 are in serious condition. They are being treated in hospital. Police have arrested 10 in this case. Anti-terrorist squad and Police of the Crime Branch in Ahmedabad are investigating this incident. In the preliminary inquiry it has come to light that the alcohol was purchased from bootleggers.

Editorial perspective

It shameful for the Police and the administration that alcohol is available despite a ban on it, and people are dying consuming it. No matter how many laws and bans are imposed, crimes cannot be controlled. Corruption is only responsible for this situation. It is essential for the Government to eradicate corruption on war footing. But are there rulers in the Nation who are not corrupt ?

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