Pope Francis to apologise for the child abuse in Catholic residential schools

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis

Rome (Italy) – The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is visiting Canada to publicly apologise for the Catholic Church`s role in the abuse of Canadian children in Canadian Catholic residential schools. He will be touring Canada for a week. Child abuse cases in the Catholic Churches came to light last year.

Pope is set to meet local Christian groups in Canada and talk about the abuses taking place in the country’s residential schools. Local leaders have apologised to Pope for such abuses which have been taking place for decades.

What happened in Canada ?

Last year, hundreds of graves which were from decades ago were found on the grounds of Catholic residential schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan Canada. Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada had these records with them. More than four thousand native indigenous children died due to mistreatment and abuse in the Catholic residential schools.

Editorial Viewpoints

How much and where all will Pope go and apologise for the evil deeds of the Priests and the Church ? Why not they plan to punish the abusers by law ? By doing this, such abuses will be stopped.

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