A Hindu youth beheaded by a fanatic in Faridabad, Haryana

Hindu organisations stage agitation

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Faridabad (Haryana) – An incident of the beheading of Devendra, a Hindu youth, by Imam Qureshi, a fanatic, in Parvatiya Colony, has come to light. After this incident, pro-Hindu organisations have taken to the streets and started agitation, leading to tension in the area. The organisations have demanded the arrest of Qureshi and said they would protest until his arrest. The Police have kept large security here. The reason behind the killing is not known.

  1. Three young men had come near Devendra’s house. They called Devendra out, beheaded him with sharp weapons and fled. Devendra’s brother-in-law is a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteer.
  2. Bajrang Dal leader Ashok Babu alleged that jihadists killed Devendra. A DSP was crushed to death by a dumper in Nuh recently. Crime by extremists is on the rise in Haryana. Hindus are being killed. He said they would continue the agitation until the accused fanatic was killed in an encounter.
Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please realise that this is a crusade launched by religious fanatics against Hindus. Hindus need to undertake Self-Defense training to protect themselves from these fanatics.
  • Note that when Hindus are being beheaded one after the other, Government cannot control it. It is the reason Hindu Rashtra needs to be established.
  • Had such beheadings of Muslims or Christians taken place continuously, Hindu haters would have pulled down the country, but now they are all silent.