Bajrang Dal activists label the Congress Office at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) as ‘Haj House’

Protest against the statement of Congress State Minister that the minorities have the first right on the Government treasury !

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – ‘The minorities have the first right over the Government treasury. Even the former PM Manmohan Singh said the same’, said the State Minister Jagdish Thakore while addressing the ‘Shabda Bhavana’ in Ahmedabad. (Congress makes such statements even though Hindus are in majority in the country and still Muslims and other minorities don’t vote for Congress. Still the Congress hurts the Hindu majority and contributes to their own downfall in every election. What is the wonder if such Congress gets politically destroyed in the coming future ! – Editor)

As a protest to the statement, the Bajrang Dal activists labeled the Congress Office as ‘Haj House’ and blackened the faces of the Congress leaders’ pictures.

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