The Supreme Court refused to entertain a plea seeking the right to worship the Gyanvapi Shivalinga

New Delhi – For now, the Court refused to hear a fresh plea seeking permission to worship the Shivalinga found in the Gyanvapi area and declined the permission sought for carbon dating of Shivalinga at the site.

  1. The Court said, there is a case pending in Varanasi District Court and the Court is waiting for the verdict of the Varanasi case. After the hearing of the Varanasi case, further hearing can be done. Till then the matter will be in pending status. If the verdict is in your favour there, the case ends, if not, the hearing can be continued. The hearing can be held in the first week of October.
  2. The Supreme Court told the petitioner’s advocate H.H. Hari Shankar Jain that, you are sensible to understand that the plea you are seeking can be made at the hearing regarding ownership rights. You cannot demand this under Section 32.