I can proudly say that I am a Hindu and being a Hindu is my identity !

A statement made two years ago by Rishi Sunak, one of the leads in the voting for the post of Britain’s PM !

London (England) – The new Government is going to be formed since the dissolution of the existing Government in Britain. Rishi Sunak, a person of Indian origin, is leading the race, and he has been getting support from the British people. He had served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury two years ago in the last Government when he had taken an oath on Bhagawadgita. These incidents are again made viral on social media. Sunak was interviewed by a newspaper after his selection as the Chief Secretary when he said, “Though I am a citizen of Britain now, my religion is Hindu. India is my religious and cultural legacy. I can proudly say I am a Hindu and being a Hindu is my identity.”

  1. Sunak always keeps an Idol of Shri Ganesh on his table. He had earlier made an appeal to give up eating beef, and he never has it.
  2. Rishi Sunak is from a Khatri family in Punjab. His grandfather Ramdas Sunak used to stay at Gujranwala. In 1935, he went to Kenya for a job and from there, he migrated to Britain.
Editorial viewpoint

  • How many politicians in India dare to say such things ?

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