Gauhar Chishti, Khadim of Ajmer dargah planned the riots in Ajmer and Udaipur

Other attendants of the dargah were aware of the conspiracy

Arrested Moinuddin Chishti Khadim (attendant) Gauhar Chishti

Udaipur (Rajasthan) – Moinuddin Chishti Khadim (attendant) Gauhar Chishti from Ajmer is being interrogated after his recent arrest. He was arrested after a video of him making provocative sloganeering and warning Hindus was circulated on social media after Kanhaiya Lal`s murder. He revealed that he planned to attack Hindus and start riots in Ajmer and Udaipur. Other attendants of the dargah knew of his plot and none informed the Police about it. (Such people also should be prosecuted. So that the ones who have the information should fear hiding it from Police. In the future, if they come to know something like this, they would inform the Police about it. – Editor)

On 16th June 2022, Gauhar Chishti held a Mohalla meeting with Khadims and instigated riots. He created a WhatsApp group. When some of the Khadims came to know about his conspiracy, they refrained from participating in the procession the next day. After this procession, on 27th June, Gauhar Chishti went to Udaipur. On 28th June, Mohammad Riaz and Mohammad Gaus killed Kanhaiya Lal. Allegedly the killers were in contact with Gauhar Chishti.

Editorial viewpoint

As Hindus started to realise the true identity of the attendants of the Ajmer dargah, they slowly stopped visiting the dargah. Now it is important to continue this. Hindus from the other parts of the country should also think about this.

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