Haryana’s Mine Mafia killed the Deputy Commissioner of Police

The Mine Mafia crushed the DCP under a dumper

DCP Surinder Singh Bishnoi

Chandigarh – The Mewat DCP Surinder Singh Bishnoi was murdered by the Mine Mafia. The Police had gone to Pachgaon to arrest those indulging in illegal mining, at that time a member of the mining mafia crushed Bishnoi under the dumper. Bishnoi died on the spot. He was going to retire this year. The Nuh Police said that ‘they had taken up the job of finding the absconding mine mafia’.

Credit : India TV

Bishnoi got information at 11 a.m, that ‘in a particular place illegal mining is happening’. He went to that place with the Police force for taking action against them.

The miners doing the illegal activity tried to flee the place. At that time a member of the mafia’s dumper bumped Bishnoi and ran over him.

The Mining Mafia of Haryana has attacked the Police before now. The Police were attacked when they had gone to arrest the mafia in Sonipat. At that time the mining mafia had torn the uniform of a Sub-inspector of Police and had beaten up a Policeman.

Editorial viewpoint

From this can be seen that the Mine Mafias have no fear of the law. The Government should have a Fast Track Court trial and punish the culprits by publicly hanging them in the town square.

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