Shahnawaz hides identity, rapes a Sikh girl and coerces her to engage in prostitution !

Police refuse to take action even after 3 months of lodging complaint !

Ghaziabad (UP) – A Sikh girl in Ghaziabad has made serious allegations against a Muslim man identified as Shahnawaz for raping her, pressuring her to convert, looting lakhs of rupees, and forcing her into prostitution. The victim had lodged a complaint with the Police on 11th April, but even after 3 months, neither any crime has been registered nor any action has been taken against the accused.

In the complaint, the victim has stated that,

1. Shahnawaz met me about 7-8 years ago. He introduced himself, Sumit Yadav. A few days later he forcibly established a physical relationship with me. He, however, was reluctant to marry me.

2. In December 2018, I had a son with him. After some time, he began to pressurise me to embrace Islam, which I opposed. As a result, he used to beat me up every day.

3. He also stole ₹8 lakh that I had saved to buy a house.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is a shame for Uttar Pradesh Police to not take action in such cases ! Why shouldn’t the Government dismiss the concerned Police officials who are insensitive to such serious incidents ?