Makers of Hindi film ‘Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2 Agni Pariksha’ issue public apology for hurting religious sentiments !

  • Shia Muslims allege a song in film of hurting religious sentiments
  • Objectionable lyrics removed from the song !

Mumbai – The makers of the Hindi film ‘Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2 Agni Pariksha’ have apologised after Shia Muslims alleged that the song ‘Haq Hussain’ hurt their religious sentiments. The film is produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, Sneha Bimal Parekh and Ram Mirchandani. The film is directed by Farooq Kabir.

In a statement, the producers said, ‘We the makers of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 Agni Pariksha take cognisance of the concerns expressed by the Shia Sect of the (Muslim) community and sincerely apologise for the fact that elements of the song Haq Hussain have unintentionally hurt their sentiments. We have unilaterally decided to make changes to the song. In consultation with the CBFC Censor Board, we have removed zanjeer blades from the song and we’ve changed the lyrics of the song Haq Hussain to Junoon Hai. Please know that no Shia community member has been captured in the wrong light in the film nor does the film show any person of the Shia community attacking anyone. The song was created with the most pious intent to celebrate the glory of Imam Hussain in his battle against oppressors. The intention was never to hurt religious sentiments (sic)’.

Editorial Viewpoint

When Muslims protest, the filmmakers immediately apologise and remove the objectionable content. On the other hand, no matter how much Hindus protest, the denigration of their Deities continues to take place; something that is evident through the films like ‘PK’. No surprise if someone says that this is the result of Hindus being tolerant and law-abiding !

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