A call for ‘economic boycott’ of Muslim shopkeepers by Panchayat in Manesar (Haryana)

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Gurugram (Haryana) – Panchayat in Manesar near Gurugram gave a call to Hindus for an ‘economic boycott’ of Muslim shopkeepers. The Panchayat was held on 3rd July and it has warned the Government allotting time to establish committees in every nearby village for implementing an ‘economic boycott’ of Muslim shopkeepers. If the Government failed to do so then Hindus will decide in a higher Panchayat what further steps should be taken in that regard.

1. More than 200 people, including members of Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), took part in the Panchayat which urged the gathering to form village-level committees to enforce the boycott.

2. People from Dharuhera and other nearby villages had assembled at Manesar for the meeting.

3. At that time the members of the Panchayat gave the representation comprising their demands to the administration. Local devout Hindus of VHP said that to oppose the religious fundamentalism and jihadi power Hindus in that area had organised the Panchayat.

4. Other speakers said that Muslims open shops in Hindu areas and give Hindu Deities’ names to their businesses in Manesar. This is a conspiracy against Hindus and they should boycott Muslim shops.

Hindus demand total action on Muslim infiltrators

Almost in all nearby villages, Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims have established illegal shops. The representation states that they were also involved in converting Hindus. Hence investigation was very essential to take action against them.