Intolerable things should never be tolerated : Dutch MP Geert Wilders appeals to Hindus

Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP and founder of the Party for Freedom 

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – The law becomes irrelevant if secularism is sycophantic. Protect your values, friends of India and Hindus. Intolerable things should never be tolerated. Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP and founder of the Party for Freedom tweeted that democracy and freedom must be protected. In response to killings and other attacks against Hindus, he tweeted the above message to Hindus.

In another tweet, Wilders, a staunch supporter of India, said that according to Islam, Hindus are Kafirs and do not believe in Allah. Therefore, they must be marginalised. There is no way this can be tolerated. Under secularism, such absolutism or beheading are not acceptable. The judiciary should oppose Sharia law and support Nupur Sharma.

Tweet in reference to Supreme Court observations regarding Nupur Sharma’s case

In another tweet, Wilders said without naming the Supreme Court of India, “If your observations are supported by an Islamic organisation like the Taliban then you have to remember that you have said something very wrong.”

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