Attempted gang rape and conversion of a Dalit girl by kidnapping in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

Case registered against Javed, Mahmood, and Ibrar

Gonda (UP) – UP Police have registered a case against Javed, Mahmood, and Ibrar for abducting, gang-raping a Dalit girl, and forcing her to convert. Police are searching for them.

According to the girl’s family, Javed hails from their village and works in Mumbai. He was constantly asking the victim to come to Mumbai. One day he knocked her unconscious and took her to Mumbai. There, she was gang-raped by Javed, Mahmood, and Ibrar, and was coerced to embrace Islam. Fearing arrest, Javed later brought the girl back to Gonda and released her.

Editorial Viewpoint

It shouldn’t come as surprise if someone demands to punish such people in the same way as in the Gulf countries, according to the Sharia, where they are punished by burying in a pit up to the waist and stoning to death !

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