Kerala Govt denies Censor certificate to a film on Hindus’ genocide by Muslims at Moplah

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Ram Simhan, the film director who has adopted Hindu Dharma (earlier known as Ali Akbar) has been refused the screening certificate for his Malayalam movie titled ‘Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare (from river to river)’ by the Kerala Government. (Hindu-hater Kerala Government suppressing true history ! – Editor)

This film is based on the genocide of Hindus by the Muslims at Moplah in 1921. The historians have, however, named this genocide as an armed Muslim revolt against the Hindu landlords, thus, supporting the Muslims.

Editorial viewpoints 

  • The communist-front Government of Kerala is the benefactor of fanatic Muslims; therefore, is it possible that such a Government would issue a certificate to a film, exposing the true nature of Muslims ?
  •  Where are the secularists and progressive factions, supporting those, who denigrate Hindus’ Deities under the guise of freedom of expression, hiding now ? 

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