Shri Vishnu’s Idol stolen from the Chyavan Rushi’s religious place in Haryana

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  • 5 Hindus accused of stealing the Idol

Chandigarh (Haryana) – Shri Vishnu’s Idol, made out of ‘ashtadhatu’ weighing 30 kilograms was stolen from the State’s historic site Dhosi Dham in Narnaula. With it, another Idol of Shri Vishnu and a bronze Idol of Deity Ladoo Gopal were also stolen. The Police have registered a case against 5 individuals, together with Ajay, Mohan, and Ram Singh. It is accused that they waited there under the guise of wanting to offer puja and stole the Idols, and ran away. The Police are searching for them.

8 kilometers to the west of Narnaul city, is the Dhosi Hill where the famous historic religious site of Chyavan Rushi is situated. People from far come to see the Idol of the Rushi.

Suspicion of the robbery on the people who stayed back in the temple 

‘On the 24th of June, Ajay, Mohan, Ram Singh, and two others were present in the Badgaon Temple. I am convinced that they are the ones who stole the Idols’. Also, the Temple Mahant and devotees have made a demand to the Police that ‘the accused be arrested and severely punished and the precious ashtadhatu Idol of Shri Vishnu be confiscated from them.’

Editorial viewpoint

If Hindus are stealing the Deities’ Idols, this shows that they do not have pride in the Hindu Dharma. Do the followers of other religions commit such acts in the place of their faith ? It is shameful that Hindus commit such acts. 

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