Kerala Police vehicles sport stickers with Islamic symbols !

Stickers with Islamic symbols on Kerala police vehicles (Credit : NEWS 18)

Kochi (Kerala) – Police personnel have been deployed for the safety of Hindu devotees visiting the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. These devotees were surprised to see Kerala Police vehicles, stationed there, sporting Islamic symbols like ‘Crescent moon’. Some devotees have taken pictures of it and circulated them on social media. Kerala’s Director General of Police Anil Kant has ordered the removal of the stickers. ‘Action will be taken against those who put up such stickers’, Kant said.

According to the rules, religious or political inscriptions or signs/symbols on Police vehicles are prohibited. Despite this, stickers of Crescent moon were affixed on the Police vehicles.

Editorial Viewpoint

There is no surprise in the Islamisation of the Police force in the communist State of Kerala !

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