Supremacy row in the AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu

Palaniswami group throws bottles at Panneerselvam

(‘AIADMK’ means ‘All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’)

(Left side) AIADMK leader O. Panirselvam and e. Palanisamy Conflict within the party over who will be the head of the party

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – Since the death of AIADMK’s head J. Jayalalitha, in the year 2016, there has been a struggle within the party over who will be the AIADMK chief. The battle for a unitary leadership in the AIADMK occurred on 23rd June. Former Deputy CM and party leader Panneerselvam, who was present on the dais during the party meeting, was attacked with water bottles by E. Palaniswami’s supporters. Panneerselvam had to flee from there. Dr Tamilmagan Hussain was elected Presidium Chairman to lead the party meeting. The next meeting of the party will be on 11th July.

Earlier also, Palaniswami’s supporters had demanded a unitary leadership in the party. Panneerselvam’s supporters then put up placards expressing their sentiments.  Panneerselvam was chosen as the leader by late Jayalalitha, they said.

Editorial Viewpoint

Can political parties that are involved in internal politics and attack each other ever work for the benefit of the nation ? It is because of such political parties that democracy is failing. The inevitability of Hindu Rashtra with Sattvik politicians is evident from the situation.

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