Central Govt. should repeal all anti-Hindu laws before 2024 elections : H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain

H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar

“If there can be agitations in the country against the Farm Laws and Citizenship Amendment Act, then why can’t there be an agitation for Hindutva ? Hindus should show that only those who work for Hindu interests can rule the country. Hindus should decide what laws should be there in the country. Before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Central Government should repeal all anti-Hindu laws”, demanded H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain practicing in the Supreme Court. He was speaking on ‘Our duties for fulfilling the goals of Hindu Rashtra’. Dr Vaidehi Taman (Editor-in-Chief of ‘Afternoon Voice’ newspaper from Mumbai), Mrs Nanda Dagla (Member, National Working Committee of BJP’s Mahila Morcha in Haryana), Mr Durgesh Parulkar (Hindu orator and writer from Thane, Maharashtra) and H.H. Nilesh Singbal (Dharma-pracharak of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) were present.

H.H. (Adv.) Hari Shankar Jain added :

1. The foundation of Shriram Mandir in Ayodhya is the foundation of a Dharma-based Hindu Rashtra. Shriram Mandir will be completed in 2 years, and so will the work of establishing the Hindu Rashtra.

2. We want to reclaim the temples encroached by Christians and Muslims. Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya. Shah Jahan took it from Jaisingh. The Central Government has submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court regarding this.

3. Hindus should boycott Christian missionary-run schools : It is necessary to first create awareness among Hindus before doing anything else. 98% of the students in Christian missionary schools are Hindus. What will be the culture of Hindu children who go to Christian schools from kindergarten ? Hindus are encouraging their children to follow western traditions such as cutting cakes and dancing to Hindi film songs. It is necessary for Hindus to reflect on this. Hindus should boycott Christian missionary-run schools.

4. India should have a law against blasphemy : Every country has its own culture and civilization. Indian civilization is millions of years old. Shriram, Shrikrushna, Shiva and Shakti exist in every particle of this land. They are the soul of this Nation. Every person born in India must respect them.

Hindus will have to nurture Hindutva to respond to anti-Hindu incidents : Dr Vaidehi Taman

Dr Vaidehi Taman

I am proud to be a Hindu. Hindu culture is being attacked at the intellectual and educational levels. Sharad Pawar (NCP President) had said, “Hindus are terrorists”, while Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had said, “Those who wear saffron are terrorists”. One should also introspect why Hindus do not oppose such things despite being in the majority. To respond to such incidents, we have to nurture Hindutva. (Former) BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been banned from speaking on social platforms by her party. It is unfortunate that the Government which was elected by the Hindus with an absolute majority, issued such an order. She spoke on recognising the covert attacks taking place on Hindus. The pen wields tremendous power. Hindus should use various media to share about such attacks. If your pen has the courage to write, then as an editor of a newspaper I have the courage to publish it !

The contribution of women in the work of Hindu Rashtra will be great : Mrs Nanda Dagla

Mrs Nanda Dagla

Speaking on the ‘Participation of Women in establishing the Hindu Rashtra’, Mrs Nanda Dagla said, “Jijabai gave us Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, (Founder of Hindavi Swarajya). Earlier, when the husband would go to battle, his wife would apply tilak to him and tell him to return victorious. The contribution of women to the work of Hindu Rashtra will be great. Without women, it cannot be established”.

She added :

1. In India, women have always contributed significantly in every field. Women hold great significance in terms of civilization, culture and Hindutva. Now, there are complaints that women are denied the right to education; however, since the Vaidik times, women have been receiving education and adulation. The contribution of women in various movements is also great. Tradition, dress, unity, and civility are seen in women.

2. The country was partitioned on the basis of religion. Yet people of other religions live in large numbers in the country. If they are interfering with Hindu families and their homes, then they should be given befitting replies.

3. We also support former BJP leader Nupur Sharma. If she is arrested, many women will court arrest of their own accord. Nupur Sharma is ‘Ek Nari Sub Pe Bhari’. MF Husain mocked Hindu Deities and fled the country. At that time, he was not asked to apologise, so it is hypocritical to ask Nupur Sharma to apologise.

Private sector employees are penalized for shoddy work; punishment should be doubled if temple work is shoddy !

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