Hindus from Karnataka have taught a lesson to those who disregard Court’s orders! – Advocate Amrutesh N. P.

Advocate Amrutesh N. P, National Vice President, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad  

Ramnathi (Ponda) – Advocate Amrutesh N P, National Vice President, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP) said on the occasion, “The movement against ‘hijab’ that started from Karnataka, later, became a national topic. A few Muslim girl students filed a petition in Karnataka High Court in support of ‘hijab’. Many advocates came together to fight for them, but the number of advocates fighting on behalf of the Government and against the petition was very few. Many of my advocate friends approached me; therefore, I decided to take up this case. The verdict passed by Karnataka High Court was taken after a thorough study; even then, it was not accepted by the Muslim petitioners, and they approached the Supreme Court. Fighting cases in the Supreme Court requires a lot of funds, which the Muslim petitioners were ready to spend, and it shows the conspiracy behind this case. The Hindus from Karnataka, however, exhibited unprecedented unity and gave an apt reply. They decided to ban non-Hindus from setting up stalls in their temple areas during their festivals. Hindus from Karnataka have thus taught a good lesson to those who defied the Court’s decision.”

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