Gyanvapi matter is ongoing, but why look for a Shivalinga in every mosque ? : RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Concluding Session of RSS 3rd year training class

Nagpur (Maharashtra) – After the Shriram Janmabhoomi Movement, the Shriram Temple is being built. A dream has come true. Thereafter, the Sangh has not involved in any other movement. Now the issue of Gyanvapi has come to the forefront. We had different faith at certain places and we have discussed it, but everyday new issue should not be raised. We have traditionally maintained faith in Gyanvapi, but why should we look for Shivalinga in every mosque ?, asked Rashtriya Sarasanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat. He was addressing the gathering organised in the Reshimbaug ground here on 2nd June on the occasion of the concluding session of the RSS 3rd year training class.

Dr Bhagwat said further,

1. Gyanvapi is an issue of faith. It is history. We cannot change it. It was created neither by today’s Hindus nor by today’s Muslims.

2. Islam has been brought to India by attackers from outside. In those attacks, temples were destroyed to demoralise those desirous of India’s independence.

3. Both the parties should find a solution to this issue through coordination, dialogue and understanding between one another; but some of them are not ready for that, and they rush to the Court. Then they should abide by the verdict of the Court and should respect it.

4. Constitutionally based Court’s verdict should not be criticised. Hindus do not think against Muslims. We do not oppose anyone’s worship.

5. Refugees such as Jews and Parsis brought their worshipping ways. Invading Muslims brought their own worship. We are not related to attacker Muslims but to the Muslims who are here. Except for the attackers who had come from outside, the ancestors of the Muslims who were converted here were Hindus and we should note it. We cannot forget the sacrifice of Hasan Khan Mewati and Ashfaqulla Khan for our nation.

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