A Muslim devotee of Deity Shiva converts to Hindu Dharma in Mandsaur, MP

Sheikh Zafar Sheikh became Chetan Singh Rajput

Mandsaur (MP) – Sheikh Zafar Sheikh (age 46) has converted from Islam to Hindu Dharma. He will now be known as Chetan Singh Rajput. His wife is a Hindu. He completed the ritual of accepting Hindu Dharma again on the premises of Pashupatinath Temple here. Sheikh was converted into Hindu Dharma by performing ritualistic puja at the hands of Mahamandleshwar Swami Chidambarananda Saraswati. During this time he was bathed with cow dung and gomutra. MP Sudhir Gupta and MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia also visited the temple and wished Chetan Singh Rajput. MLA Sisodia was present at the temple during the entire process.

MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia said that Chetan Rajput was a devotee of Deity Shiva from the very beginning. Till yesterday he was Zafar Sheikh but now he will be known as Chetan. He has made a fresh beginning.

After homecoming, Chetan Singh Rajput was interviewed by a reporter of Dainik Bhaskar, and the following are highlights of his interview : 

1. All the people in the whole universe belong to Sanatan Dharma. Over a period of time, they have converted and migrated. They must show patience and return to their original eternal life as there only they will find peace.

2. I have been following Sanatan Dharma since childhood. I have a temple in my house. No one in the house ever opposed me. Everyone is simple in my house. No one is a fanatic.

3. I fell in love with a Hindu girl named Sharda and married as I follow Sanatan Dharma. If I had married a Muslim girl, she would not have allowed me to worship. In that case, it would have troubled both of us. That’s why I did everything thoughtfully.

4. According to the Constitution of the country, everyone can voluntarily believe in any religion. No one should have any problem with this and if there is, then it is fanaticism. Those who are fanatics will resist. Those who are wise will not resist.

5. Somewhere I was feeling incomplete but now I am complete. After conversion, I have become a complete Hindu and I am also a devotee of the Deity Shiva.

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