Pune’s Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar Temples are the Chota Sheikh and Bada Sheikh Dargah respectively

  • These temples were destroyed by Allaudin Khilji and Aurangzeb
  • MNS announces to launch a movement to free the original Temples
Dargah in place of Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar temples in Pune like Gyanvapi Mosque in Kashi ?

Pune (Maharashtra) – Just like the case of the Gyanvapi Mosque in Kashi, in Pune, two Durgahs, the Chota Sheikh and Bada Sheikh have been built on the site of two temples the Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar. MNS’s Pune Chief Secretary, Ajay Shinde, has announced that agitation will be soon launched to free these temples. Shinde has been corresponding with the Municipal Corporation and the Archaeological Department in this connection.

Ajay Shinde added that,

MNS’s Pune Chief Secretary, Ajay Shinde

‘Punyeshwar has an equally important and long historical reference. Bada Arab a general of Allaudin Khilji attacked Pune and destroyed the Shiva Temple in Pune. First Allaudin Khilji and later Aurangzeb destroyed the Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar Temples and built Dargahs on their site. ‘Chota Dargah’ was built on the site of Punyeshwar in Kasba Peth’s Kumbharwada. Aurangzeb’s grandson’s grave is near this dargah. The other Dargah was built on the site of Narayaneshwar Temple which is opposite the Shaniwarwada. The Dargah in Kumbharwada Kasba is known as the ‘Chota Sheikh Dargah’, while the one that is built on the site after destroying the Narayaneshwar Temple is called the ‘Bada Sheikh Dargah’.

We have been making a demand for a very long time for the Temples’ liberation.’

Editorial viewpoint

History records that the Islamic invaders destroyed thousands of Hindu temples and built their own places of worship (Mosques and Dargahs). When this is the case, why is it necessary for a proud Hindu individual or an organisation, to ask for the restoration of the temple to its original splendour ? Would it not be more appropriate that the Central Government passes a law that will take the initiative of restoring these temples ? The Hindus should make this demand.          

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