If the claims are true, the Muslims should hand over the land to Hindus

Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khanam’s statement

(Right side) Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khanum

New Delhi – Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khanum has released a video with her statement about the Gyanvapi mosque saying that if the claims are true and the mosque was built by demolishing the temple there, then the Muslim community should give that land to the Hindu brothers. The Muslims and religious leaders should understand that in Islam, it is haram to offer namaz on any occupied or snatched land.

Rubina Khanum appealed Supreme Court to conduct a high-level inquiry. If the claim of the Hindu side turns out to be true, then the land should be given to the Hindus. On the other hand, if the claim turns out to be false, then the Hindus should allow the mosque to remain there peacefully. There should be no protest by Hindus.

Offensive statements made by Rubina Khanam earlier

Earlier, Rubina Khanam in her statement on Hijab Issue said that the hands of those who try to touch the hijabs will be chopped off. Do not try to provoke the Muslim community. If this happens then all the Muslim women will sit outside the temples and recite the Quran over the loudspeakers. A complaint was lodged against her for making such statements.

Editorial viewpoint

The claims are true and it is the history, hence, the Muslims should immediately hand over the land to the Hindus.

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