At the moment, will not use the temple funds for building old age homes

Tamil Nadu Government’s assurance in the Madras High Court

(Left side) Shri. TR Ramesh, the President of Indic Collective Trust and the Temple Worshippers Society

Chennai –The Government is using the temple funds of the temples in Chennai, Pazhani, and Tirunelveli, to build senior citizens’ homes.  In the petition filed in Court against this, the Tamil Nadu Government has given an assurance to the Madras High Court that for the next 6 weeks we will keep the project on hold. This petition has been filed by Shri. TR Ramesh, the President of Indic Collective Trust and the Temple Worshippers Society. (It is because of Shri. TR Ramesh’s petition induced the Government to give such an assurance to the Court. He should be congratulated. Protecting the wealth of the Temples is the duty of all the Hindus – Editor). His demand is that the Government order to use Temple funds to build old age homes should be canceled. It was in response to this that the Government gave the above assurance to the Court.

1. Shri Ramesh the petitioner has said in the petition that three old age homes are being built in three places using the funds of three temples. These temples do not have a board of trustees. The functioning of the temple is carried out by a fit person appointed by the Government and Government officers, who are holding the posts illegally.

2. Shri Ramesh adds that in all three temples the ‘fit person’ is an interim appointee and cannot take major decisions. No policy decision can be taken till a board of trustees is in place. These policy decisions influence the future administration of the Temple.

3. It was further said in the petition that sections 36, 36-A and 36-B of the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, 1959 specifies the utilisation of the surplus funds. According to section 36, the trustees of religious institutions may appropriate any portion of the accumulated surplus of temple funds for various purposes listed in section 66 of the same act. For utilisation of these funds, a proposal should be made by a trustee; public notice of such notice should be published to invite suggestions and objections from the persons interested within 30 days. If anyone has an objection or advice or notice about this, due consideration is to be given to the point raised. Only then can permission to use the funds of temples or religious institutions be given. This was not done by the Government while giving the above order.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The Hindu temple’s money is not being used for the Hindu Dharma but on other projects. This happens as the Hindu temples are under the control of the Government. The Central Government should pass legislation and declare to give control of the Hindu temples to its Hindu devotees.
  • If the atheist and anti-Hindu DMK Government want to build old age homes, it should show the courage of using the money of the mosques and churches.

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