Pak lovers note that nothing wrong has ever happened against them in India : Kerala High Court

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – People who think Pakistan is the right place for them should keep in mind that nothing wrong has ever been done against them in India, observed the Kerala High Court. The Court upheld the death sentence of 10 people convicted of declaring war on India and recruiting jihadi militants by organising camps in Kashmir. All 10 were sentenced to life imprisonment by a National Investigation Agency (NIA) Court. They had challenged it in the High Court.

The Court said,

1. People with fundamentalist or extremist views should look at the history after the partition. They will realise that the situation on the other side of the border is not as good as it seems to those who are here.

2. Muslims in Hindu-majority India were never held hostage even during the conflict with Pakistan.

3. Those who kill human beings and citizens with the desire for a paradise have made lives miserable for their family members. They are suffering and drowning in shame.

Editorial Viewpoint

Will the secularists and progressives ever dare to say what the Court said ?


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