Pretending to be a Hindu, a religious fanatic man married and converted a Hindu woman in Gwalior, MP

Victim girl raped by two brothers-in-law and a Maulana who converted her

Gwalior (MP) – An incident has come to light recently in Jangpura village in Dabra Taluka, in which a religious fanatic youth, pretending to be a Hindu, trapped a 26-year-old Hindu girl in a love affair. He then married her in the temple. After some time, she was forced to convert to Islam. During that period, the victim was raped by a Maulana who converted her. After the marriage, the fanatic locked the girl in the house for 6 months. During this time, she was raped by her two brothers-in-law and two others. She escaped from the fanatic’s house and reached her home and later lodged a complaint with the Police. Police have arrested her husband Imran alias Raju, his mother Sugga Begum, while Imran’s brothers Aman and Punni are absconding.

The victim said, ‘I met Imran in January 2021. He had introduced himself name as Raju. He took me to Dabra. There he raped me by spiking a cold drink. This made me pregnant. I had an abortion for fear of having a child before marriage’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Please note that secularists and the so-called liberals never talk about such incidents !
  • It will not be surprising if someone demands punishments such as breaking the limbs or tying up and throwing stones at such lustful people according to Sharia law !

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