Muslim youth beaten up by people of his religion for supporting BJP

Stopped him from offering namaz in the mosque by calling him ‘Kafir’

Gonda (UP) – Mohammad Lukman, a Muslim youth was stopped from offering namaz at the mosque and was thrown out of the mosque and beaten up with sticks by his fellow Muslims for supporting BJP at Bankatwa.  Earlier, his brother Sarfaraz was also attacked and beaten up.

Lukman said, ‘My fellow Muslims were unhappy with him for supporting BJP in the Assembly elections. My brother was stopped from offering namaz at the mosque. They attacked Sarfaraz saying, you are supporting a party which is trying to ban the loudspeakers in the mosques. Why do you come here to offer namaz ? You have no religion, you are ‘Kafir’ (one who does not believe in Islam). After I got to know about this, I went there and they attacked me.  Two individuals have been arrested.

Editorial viewpoint

Most Muslims think that BJP is an anti-Muslim party and they oppose BJP. On the other hand, please note that the Hindus support the anti-Hindu parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, Trinamool Congress, Rashtrawadi Congress, and Communist Party; and vote them to power.



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