It is a historical truth that Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque near Qutub Minar was built after demolishing 27 temples : Renowned Archaeologist KK Mohammed

Bhopal (MP) – Renowned archaeologist KK Mohammed informed that 27 temples were demolished to build the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque near Qutub Minar in Delhi. He further said, “The mosque was built using the parts of the demolished temples, there is a clear evidence through Arabic inscriptions which say that 27 temples were destroyed to build a mosque at the site”. He was speaking at a seminar arranged by the Archaeology Department for the World Heritage Day in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Mohammed was part of the archaeology team that excavated in Ayodhya and found proof that earlier there was a Shriram temple at the site. It was based on this proof that the Supreme Court accepted that there used to be a Ram temple at Ayodhya.

KK Mohammed said, “Remnants of temples were found near Qutub Minar, there were many Idols of Shri Ganesh found at the site. It proves there was a Ganesh temple.” There is mention of this in the book ‘Taj-ul-masir’.

Editorial comment

It is necessary to bring forth the truth that the invading Muslims broke thousands of temples in India and built mosques on those sites.