If Hanuman Chalisa is recited near mosques, sitting in front of temples we will blare Quran over loudspeakers ! : Rubina Khanam of Samajwadi Party

Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khan’s hatemongering

(Left) Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khan

Aligarh (UP) – Do not try to harass Muslims. If Hanuman Chalisa is recited in front of the mosque, then we would also sit in front of the temples and recite Quran on loudspeaker. Women will be in the lead in doing so, said Samajwadi Party leader Rubina Khanam. Pro-Hindu organisations have announced to recite Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeakers in 21 city squares. Khanam was responding to this announcement.

1. Khanam further said, let us follow our religious traditions while the holy month of Ramzan is going on. (Why are Hindus not allowed to follow their traditions ? While Hindu religious processions are passing in front of mosques, why are these processions attacked from mosques ? What does Khanam feel about it ? – Editor). The way the problems are being created is wrong.  She also threatened to strike with hundreds of Muslim women if they tried to target Muslims by trying to remove loudspeakers from mosques and target Muslims.

(Credit : India Today)

2. The BJP Government is provoking Muslims and Hindus to fight. She also criticised the Government for forgetting its own beliefs and practices.

Editorial comments

  • In the last several years, Hindus are listening to Azaan 5 times a day through illegal loudspeakers in mosques. Still, religious fanatics have the audacity to say that they would recite the Quran in front of the temples ! It is a disgrace to the secular Government.
  • When Hindus will realise that the moment Hindus raised their voice for the first time after so many years and talked about reciting Hanuman Chalisa in front of a mosque they received a counter-response from religious fanatics ?