Playing Hanuman Chalisa during Azaan and within 100 meters of mosques prohibited in Nashik

Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey’s order

Editorial Comments 

  • It is unfortunate that in a Hindu majority Maharashtra orders are issued only against Hindus. Will the Police dare to give such orders to other religions during Hindu festivals or processions ?
  • Instead of banning Hanuman Chalisa, if the Police had taken action against unauthorised loudspeakers on mosques, Hindus would not have decided to recite Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeakers. However, The Police are good at throwing in the towel, in front of religious fanatics and displaying their gallantry only to Hindus, that is why they issue such orders against Hindus !

Nashik (Maharashtra) – Hanuman Chalisa is prohibited within 100 meters of any mosque and during Azaan. The Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey has issued this order concerning the loudspeaker. According to the order, all religious places have been directed to take permission for use of loudspeakers by 3rd May, after this deadline, legal action would be taken against those found violating the order. It has also been mentioned that Hanuman Chalisa can be played 15 minutes before Azaan.

Ban loudspeakers as they are not required in any religion’s the daily worship routine – Mahanta Shri Mandalacharya Peethadishwar Swami Aniketshastri Deshpande Maharaj

Mahanta Shri Mandalacharya Peethadishwar Swami Aniketshastri Deshpande Maharaj

The Government should set the same rules for all religions and allow them to use loudspeakers for their special festivals accordingly. Loudspeakers should be allowed for certain festivals. However, the administration should not allow people of any religion to use the loudspeaker for daily religious activities.

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