Jodhpur Court grants 15 days of parole under the right to progeny

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) – Jodhpur High Court granted 15 days of parole to a prisoner (age 34) citing the religious texts as guiding principles from diverse religions such as Rugveda of Hindu Dharma, Christianity, Jewish, and Islam so that his wife can become experience motherhood.

The Court has further said that imprisonment has negatively affected the sexual and emotional needs of the prisoner’s wife. Giving birth is the first of the 16 sanskars of a woman’s life.  The Court added that “Having progeny for the preservation of lineage, has been recognised through religious philosophies, the Indian culture, and various judicial pronouncements. The right of progeny can be performed by conjugal association, the same has an effect of normalising the convict and also helps to alter the behaviour of the convict-prisoner.”

Parole intends to help convicts lead a normal life in the community once their punishment is over. The Court clarified further by saying, “The wife of the prisoner has been deprived of her right to have progeny even though she has not committed any offence or been convicted. Therefore, the denial to the convict-prisoner to perform conjugal relationship with his wife more particularly for progeny would adversely affect the rights of his wife”.

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