A religious fanatic plays a song with wordings Pakistan Zindabad on his mobile phone  in UP

Insolently replies when Hindus oppose !

Editorial comment

Such traitors should be put in jail for life; only then others will not dare to do it again.

Bareilly (UP) – A video has become viral wherein Mustaqeem, a religious fanatic shopkeeper from Matawan village, is playing a song on his mobile phone in which slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ are raised.  A complaint has been lodged with the Police in this connection. Mustaqeem was playing the song on his cell phone when two devout Hindu activists named Himanshu Patel and Ashish Patel were passing by his shop.

They realised that there were slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in the song; so they countered him. Mustaqeem, instead of stopping playing that song, said insolently that he would listen to any song he liked and they were free to do whatever they wanted. He even increased the volume of the song.

Himanshu Patel made a video of this incident and made it viral on social media. He also lodged a complaint to the Police. When the Police reached the village to arrest Mustaqeem, he had fled.

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