Madhya Pradesh Congress orders Party activists to celebrate Shri Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti

Congress MLA Arif Masood opposes the order

Editorial comments

  • In the name of secularism, Congress has so far been appeasing the Muslims. However, it has now realised that it will not be possible to regain power by holding Iftar parties. Hence, to appease the Hindus such an effort is initiated. But the Hindus know that this is Congress Party’s hypocrisy.
  • Hindu activists of the Party should note that the Hindu activists in the Congress had accepted the celebration of Muslim festivals, but now Muslim MLA is not allowed to celebrate Hindu festivals by the Party. Has Arif Masood ever opposed Congress Party’s decision to host Iftar parties ? Still, does Congress believe Masood is secular ?
(Left) Congress MLA Arif Masood

Bhopal (MP) – Former CM of MP and Congress President Kamal Nath issued a circular ordering Party workers to celebrate Shri Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti. Congress MLA Arif Masood objected to it, saying such an order would lead to malpractice.

1. Masood further said that it was inappropriate for political parties to issue such written orders. We want to move forward with the ideology we work for. At such times you only mentioned Shri Ram Navami and Hanuman Chalisa. Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday and Ramzan are not mentioned in the order. All three are big festivals. There is a difference between us and others. While other parties talk about one religion, we talk about all religions. So, we should only talk about political issues. Celebrations of religious festivals are happening and will continue to happen, no one can stop them.

2. State Home Minister and BJP leader Dr Narottam Mishra, criticising Masood, said, why is the Party which once organised Iftar parties now making a U-turn ? Masood is unable to digest it.