Chinese hackers attempt to infiltrate the power grid system in Ladakh

Editorial Comment

India should apply a tit for tat policy against China for this fiendish act.

New Delhi – According to the intelligence firm ‘recorded future’ report, Chinese hackers tried to hit the power grid system in Ladakh. Earlier, a group of hackers called Radico from China had tried to infiltrate similarly. This time it is a group called ‘Tag-38’who attempted to hack into a computer system used in a power plant using software called ‘ShadowPad’. An attempt was made to reach the national emergency response system and get the information by infiltrating it.

According to a report by Recorded Futures, Chinese hackers are targeting at least 7 Indian State Load Despatch Centres in North India. This load shedding centre regulates and distributes electricity to power generators in the vicinity of the Indo-China border. The software ShadowPad, used in this cyber-attack was earlier used by the Chinese Army.

There is no response from China yet

The Chinese Embassy has not responded to this issue yet. Previously, China had denied any hand in the cyber attacks on India. The Indian Government also has not made any official statement regarding this.