Hindu Mahasabha protest against namaz offered on road outside a Masjid in Agra

Editorial comment

With a proud Hindu and a nationalist CM like Yogi Adityanath in power, it is infuriating that radicals have the nerves to defy law and order. Such perpetrators must be disciplined before it is too late.

Agra (UP) – Members of the Hindu Mahasabha protested against the namaz being offered on road outside Imli Wali Mosque in Agra. (Ideally, such issues must be regulated by Government authorities instead of the public calling them out – Editor). Hindu Mahasabha has called upon Muslims to offer namaz inside the mosque.

1. Leader of Hindu Mahasabha, Rounak Thakur said, Hindus are forced to shut their shops when namaz is offered on the road. Emergency services such as an ambulance cannot use the blocked road. Muslims must not obstruct the flowing traffic. We are not against namaz being offering but the traffic must keep moving. If this isn’t observed, we will protest.

2. Speaker of the Hindu Mahasabha, Sanjay Jat reacted by saying, “If Namaz can be offered on roads, why our request of reciting Hanuman Chalisa on roads is often denied.”

3. Police Superintendent Vikas Kumar commented that the protest now stands dissolved and the situation is under control.

4. Muslims say, they have been offering namaz on road for the past 40 years and local authorities have granted permission for the same. (If wrongdoing is continually being done for several years, does it become a rule not to oppose it ? If it is now being opposed, action must be taken against the wrongdoings. – Editor)