Religious fanatics from Muslim-majority area break into Hindu’s house and beat them up !

  • The reaction of protest against fanatics in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, who were making obscene gestures to women in the house
  • Molestation of women
  • Two religious fanatics arrested
Editorial comments

  • Hindus expect that Hindus living in Muslim-majority areas in Uttar Pradesh should not be insecure especially when the State is under BJP’s rule !
  • Strict action should be taken against such offenders !

Bareilly (UP) – In the Muslim-majority village of Jam Sawant Janubi in Bareilly District, religious fanatics broke into a Hindu family’s house and beat them up after the latter protested against making obscene gestures to Hindu women. The fanatics also molested women and tore their clothes. The Hindu family was threatened to leave the house. Police have arrested two persons after a complaint, while 10 others are being searched.

When the Hindu organisations got information about this incident, they visited the Hindu family and promised to help them.

The victimised family said, ‘Our neighbour Rafiq, his children Rashid, Asif, Arif, and Zahid look at our women from the terrace of their house and make obscene gestures. After protesting, they attacked our house with swords’.